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Sep 17, 2018

Touchpensys reveal the mask of first wood stylus. 

On September 17th, 2018 Touchpensys revealed first wood stylus to meet different customer’s requirement. The wood stylus is named for Pencil family including Pencil 0.20+HB, Pencil 0.20+0.70, Pencil 0.23+HB, Pencil 0.23+0.70, Pencil 0.70+HB. Pencil family has 0.20cm plastic, 0.23cm transparent round disc and 0.70cm rubber, totally three capacitive nibs. Moreover, you can use it as a HB hardness pencil! Different capacitive nibs provide different precision and touch feeling to user. Please pay attention that 0.2cm plastic nib is only for special tablets such as Readboy G550S Study tablet. Both 0.23cm and 0.70cm are general capacitive nibs, compatible with smartphone, tablet, E-ink reader, POS, etc. The Pencil series is a green stylus which provides better experience and reduces environmental pollution. You don’t need to worry about too cold of the stylus body to be held in winter! For 0.23cm transparent round disc nib, we have transparent cap to protect it. Enjoy your mobile input anytime and anywhere!


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