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Friday, April 18, 2008

Touchpensys New Products Launch---Stylus + Leather Case

On April 18, 2008, Touchpensys Technology Co., Ltd. launches the first stylus designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, together with leather cases compatible with iPhone and stylus. "Easy Use, Safe Go" is our slogan and even more our action drive, this soul is throughout all phases of design, improvement and manufacture.

Most iPhone users might long for a kind of instrument to help them using SMS, notes, email, URLs …more accurately and quickly when they are enjoying the pleasure of using the device. That is our original intention to design such a stylus by utilizing our professional knowledge and resources on Touch Screen products.

The body of stylus is made from aluminum alloy, which is very light for holding. The writing tip is made from high-tech foam, which features accuracy for character recognition, quickness for typing, cleanness, and scratches-free and damage-free to the screen. As you can learn through http://www.touchpensys.com/Stylus.asp why our stylus can deliver so many benefits.

To make iPhone and stylus portable with you, we designed two-style leather cases to achieve it. They are business style and sports style. One is suitable to be carried in hand and put in briefcase, the other is suitable to be clipped on belt and carried in hand as well.

Both products are now available for sell. To learn more products information, please visit http://www.touchpensys.com/product.asp ; to buy products, please visit http://www.touchpensys.com/shop.asp .

About Touchpensys Technology Co., Ltd.

We are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of stylus and touch screen related products.

With strong background and abundant resources in Touch Screen field, we are able to provide stylus products solutions for various types of touch screen products.

We endeavor to develop innovative and high-quality products for the better and easier use of people’s touch screen products. For more information, please visit www.touchpensys.com .

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