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News Center!

Touchpensys reveal the mask of first wood stylus.     Sep 17,2018
Touchpensys Mini stylus comes here!--- New style Touchpensys Mini!     June 28,2015
Good assistant for your work and life--- New style Touchpensys Plus and standard stylus!    Dec 29,2014
Sensitive, Soft and Slim (3S)--Touchpensys Elegant stylus!   April 28, 2011
Touchpensys releases two styles capacitive stylus for iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2.     May 28, 2009
Touchpensys Zero—Zero force stylus comes.    November 18, 2008
Touchpensys Unveil Dual-Side Touch Stylus For iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch.     August 18, 2008
Elegant blue comes! Touchpensys announces new-color stylus for iPhone and iPod Touch.     June 27, 2008
Touchpensys New Products Launch---Stylus + Leather Case.      April 18, 2008

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