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We are pleased to offer good customer service to our best abilities. For your convenience, we prepared Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which you might find answers that you are looking for. If you need more assistance, you can send us e-mail addressing support@touchpensys.com

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Q: Can I use Touchpensys serial stylus after I stick screen protector (Mirror film, privacy film, etc.) to my iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch?
A: Sure. We advise that film’s thickness is within 0.35mm. Too thick screen protector may reduce the sensitivity. Currently Touchpensys serial stylus works well on most of screen protectors in market. Please contact us if you have any question about the screen protector. You can also send your screen protector to us for test.

Q: If Touchpensys stylus works well when I wear gloves?

A: Yes, of course. Using stylus with gloves will prevent from frostbite in winter. Also it keeps the environment clean without leaving fingerprints. A few special gloves will obstruct stylus from working well. Please send your gloves to us if you are not sure if your gloves work with our stylus, we will check it for you.

Q: Can Touchpensys business style leather case and sports style leather case work on iPad,iPhone 4,iPhone 3G S,iPad Touch 4 and iPod Touch3?
A: Both Touchpensys business style leather case and sports style leather case are designed for iPhone (Generation 1) and Touchpensys stylus of standard, plus and zero. The sizes of leather cases match well with iPhone (Generation 1).
For iPhone 4,iPhone 3G S, the 2 kinds of leather case will block light sensor. The other openings match with iPhone 4,iPhone 3G Sbasically. You can select the 2 kinds of leather case if you don’t care the light senor of iPhone 3G.
For iPad, iPad touch4 and iPod Touch3, we didn’t recommend these leather cases because of different profile size and opening positions.

Q:Can clips for Zero II work with Touchpensys standard, Plus and Zero stylus? Can Zero II and Pro stylus be put into Touchpensys Business style and Sports style leather case?
A: No, it can’t. Clips for Zero II can’t hold these 3 styles of styluses. No, they can’t. Touchpensys Business style and Sports style leather case are only for Touchpensys standard, Plus and Zero stylus.

Q: Which leather case fits me?
A: Touchpensys provides stylish cases. Business-style case is suitable to be put in briefcase or carried in hand; Sports-style is suitable to be fixed to belt with a clip or carried in hand.

Q: How to stick screen protector?
A: Step 1: Wash and dry your hands.
Step 2: Clean the screen with cleaning cloth or brush, make sure dust and smudges are removed.
Step 3: Hold left/right side of screen protector with fingers, remove the backing of protector a little, about 3cm.
Step 4: Align the screen protector carefully along the edge of the screen.
Step 5: Gently remove the backing label and slide a small card over the surface of the protected screen, press out the small bubbles that might occur.
Step 6: The job has been done when you removed the whole backing label.
Step7: At last, brush the protected screen.

Q: How to stick privacy film? Can it be cleaned with water?
A: Touchpensys privacy film is attached to the screen by static-electricity sticking technology. Please refer to above screen protector install construction. It can be stuck for cycles and cleanable with pure water.

Q: Are the iPhone able to synchronize in the holder while it is in the case without having to take out?
A: Yes, you can synchronize data without taking iPhone out of the case. Dock connector position is opening.

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