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About us

Touchpensys Technology Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells Touch related products, and offers touch screen integration solutions. Our products are designed to add value to the using habit, comfort and security of performing your IT devices.

Touchpensys Technology, founded in 2008, provides innovative design for user's individual experience. Through our products, we deliver on our brand commitment of “Easy Use, Safe Go”. we strive to manufacture products that customers are searching for, and to offer tailor-made services and satisfactory after service. We also welcome you contact us for distribution or customized business.

Our mission: Design and manufacture professional stylus and touch screen related products, providing customer with brilliant feeling of using our products.

Our products include stylus, plastic back clip used for mobile phones, tablet,notebook, PC, GPS,POS, MP4, gaming and other IT moving devices.

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  -Standard stylus
  -Plus stylus
  -Zero stylus
  -Zero II stylus
  -Pro stylus
-Elegant Stylus
-Plus 2 stylus
-Standard 2 stylus
  -Mini stylus
  -Pencil stylus
+Leather Case
+Touch Tip