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Touchpensys stylus (Standard) features high sensitivity, response quickly, tap accurately, draw fluently. The stylus classic and tasty. You are easy to take it. The stylus is super sleek (Diameter is 6mm). The stylus's weight is only 2 gram. The stylus's peaky tip can help you tap the small icon on screen easily and accurately. At the same time, you can use the stylus to draw and make handwriting recognition. You will experience an excellent feeling of finger sliding on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Tap and slide smoothly and accurately on iPhone's screen. You can perform all operations using stylus in the same way as your finger, and even more accurate and speedier. Stylus's writing tip is made from high quality foam, making it very light to tap and write characters. With high-tech material and smallest tip in the world, the stylus upgrades input accuracy and characters recognition. 

Touch tip is designed to precisely fit the onscreen keyboard keys, make you feel ease to tap any keys accurately. Meanwhile, you may find your typing speed accelerated, Why? Because your view range is enlarged by using the stylus instead of your finger. Clean!
Stylus's touch tip does not need frequently wash if it is properly placed. keep the touch tip clean and dry, no dirt or smear left on the screen when you use the stylus. You will be pleased to see no fingerprints on the screen. 

Touch tip is made from soft and durable foam, scratches-free and smudges-free to the screen surface.
Whatever you tap, draw, play game, adjust bar or handwriting recognition input, Touchpensys stylus always let you experience the good feeling of accuracy, slight tapping and fluency.  
1)Tap accurately
2)Input quickly
3)Keep the screen clean
4)Screen safe

Available Colors
Silver, Red, Black and Blue  

Tap accurately  
Draw fluently 

Length:88mm, Diameter:6mm, Weight:2g

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Good assistant for your work and life--- New style Touchpensys Plus and standard stylus!
-Dec 29, 2014

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-April 28, 2011

Touchpensys releases two styles capacitive stylus for iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2. 
-May 28, 2009
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  -Plus stylus
  -Zero stylus
  -Zero II stylus
  -Pro stylus
-Elegant Stylus
-Plus 2 stylus
-Standard 2 stylus
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+Leather Case
+Touch Tip

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